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Untertage Bands 2023 Lineup

Thorns of Ivory

‘Thorns of Ivory’ are an energetic 5 piece groove metal band, based in the upper highway area of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Their influences spread across an array of genres, spanning from old school & thrash to death and core, but collectively can be described as good o’l head-banging groove.  First appearing live in 2017 with their original line-up, the band initially had more melodic elements, somewhere between hardcore and metal-core. During this time the band was gaining momentum with some notable performances at Battle for Wacken, as well as being billed with acts like SA heavy-weights ‘Facing The Gallows ‘
This momentum unfortunately would (temporarily) be halted, when life intervened and the band unfortunately parted ways with 2 of its members. The band would fly under the radar for a short time. Still eager, the remaining members were determined to continue on, and in early 2019, Thorns of Ivory had completed their new line up, having found a new bassist and vocalist. A flame had been re-ignited in the group. With new blood in the mix, they worked tirelessly on an entirely new set list, as they crafted their new sound since the addition of the new members. These new songs were hitting harder, heavier and with more intensity than ever before. They finally showcased their efforts, for the new iteration of the band, on stage in December 2019.
 After the successful debut of their new line-up, the band were fortunate to get in a few good shows before Covid ultimately halted everything for the next 15 months or so.
As the industry slowly opened up during the pandemic period, Thorns of Ivory enjoyed a short tour of Gauteng with fellow KZN band Hate Speech. After 24 months of having their doors shut as a result of the pandemic, The Winston Pub –(Durban’s longest running live music venue of 40+ years) would announce that they would be closing indefinitely. However, they would open for one final weekend of music for their final goodbye. This would be one night of alternative rock, and another exclusively for metal. Thorns Of Ivory would have the honour of being the final metal act to play at the Winston Pub. It was a bitter sweet end, as during their set, Thorns frontman would deliver a heartfelt speech reminding everyone of the incredible history & legacy that the venue embodied. The band would close off their set, and the final set on stage, with their appropriately titled song “Curtain Call’. Between their run of local gigs, the band had been meticulously tracking their debut single – the before mentioned (and crowd favourite) “Curtain Call”. In July of this year, the single was uploaded to all the major platforms where it has shown some steady listeners since. Thorns of Ivory were extremely proud when “Curtain Call” debuted at number 1 on ‘The Doors Rock Radio’, a position that they have held for the past 4 weeks at the time of this writing.
The band is looking forward to some out of town shows coming in the upcoming weeks, where they will be venturing up north, towards the Midlands, and another down the South Coast. Another tour of Gauteng is on their horizon.  The band is also continuing their work in the studio, as they gear up to release more material in the near future.

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