Lineup 2023

Untertage Bands 2023 Lineup


The first thing you have to know about THE THR3 PROJ3CT is that we play a style of progressive instrumental experimentations. Not to get too technical, but what’s the secret ingredient? Our style often relies on the use of various polyrhythmic riffs, absurd time signatures and several atmospheric layers. On top of all that, there is the introduction of both mid-range distorted tones and melodic clean passages which naturally is highly influenced by ambient music. Sound is one thing but beyond this aspect has to be the interaction with visuals, which have become an integral part in allowing all three band members to experiment within their own wide musical and artistic scopes. In other words, both elements occupy a time and place.

There is an absence of “traditional” vocals and lyrics for the sole purpose of emphasizing on the sound, which allows the listener to confront personal feelings drawn to them from the instrumentals. We change the rules of engagement, by walking onto the stage and create the ambience the audience needs to feel.

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