Lineup 2023

Untertage Bands 2023 Lineup

Desert Mother

Desert Mother is a Johannesburg-based post rock band that formed at the end of 2020. The four-piece band comprises Angie Ferreira on vocals, keys and synth; Gert Griessel on bass, Mlungisi Mkhabela on drums and percussion, and Lee Stoop on guitar. Drawing on hues from art rock, experimental music and prog-rock, Desert Mother creates a unique listening experience, juxtaposing the heavy with the ethereal, and the familiar with the haunting. Their music features a combination of eerie synths, dreamlike piano, airy guitars, elaborate rhythms, melodic bass lines, and ghostly vocals accompanied by spectral ensembles.

Intricate instrumental and dynamic elements weave through their repertoire seamlessly, forming an alluring auditory metanarrative at their live shows. Desert Mother has released two singles: “Hell and Back” and “Aperture” which are available on all major platforms. Both songs explore the human journey through the everyday, paying close attention to shame, pain, desire, regret and triumph.

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