Lineup 2023

Untertage Bands 2023 Lineup

Capgras Delusion

The name of this medical mental disorder was chosen by this ensemble with a clear purpose in mind: knowledge.

The aim of Capgras is to spread awareness of different mental diagnoses through the art of music. Afflictions are thoroughly researched in order to tell a story so the listener may connect on an emotional and intellectual level with the purpose of educating those who do not know. There is the firm belief that empathy is born through knowledge. We live in a world of technology, facts and knowledge easily obtained at your fingertips, and the unfortunate reality of a still standing stigma behind and misunderstanding of mental disorders. This ensemble’s aim is to BREAK THE STIGMA.

The art itself is not necessarily uplifting, nor is it demonizing. We have so many stories to tell, so much pain to make known, so much growth and healing to share. This ensemble has chosen to hide itself to force listeners to pay attention to these stories, to intrigue viewers, to draw you in. We are Capgras. Welcome to our Delusion.”

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